How to delete Instagram account on iphone and android

How to delete Instagram account on iphone, android account link:

How to delete instagram account you cane at right place where I provide you in simple easy methods to delete instagram account permanently and make sure that once deleted you cant get reactivate again.

Whatever your personal reason we cover everthing your details and in short simple methods we will provide you all the details exactly how to delete instagram account permanently.
 delete instagram account link

We cover here all the details of instagram deletion process.

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How to delete instagram account link:

  1. Log on to the Instagram official account delete page.
  2. Select the menu choose account delete permanent option.
  3. Next enter your reason and enter your password and select instagram permanent account delete.


Once you selected to delete your account you cannot get back your images and videos and all the stuffs will be lost so do it carefully read the exact descrpition below.

To delete instagram account permanently:

  1. Login to your instagram account on computer browser or mobile web browser and enter your email and password and login select the main menu. And this cannot be done app only done by browser only.
  2. And select to instagram account delete page and enter the provided reason and save it.
  3. After that you need to reenter the password and then select tge instagram account delete option next all your account will be deleted.

How to reactive instagram account

  1. Note that this reactive instagram account process can be done if you choosen to disable your instagram account before not applicable for those who selected instagram account permanently.
  2. Its simple if you kept your account on temporarily disable instagram account just log on on instagram enter id and password and get back your account.

How to deactivate instagram account link

  1. Just logon to your instagram account in menu select edit profile section
  2. Next get to the option deactivate instagram account and enter the password again
  3. Next your instagram account will be deactivated and get break from social sites.
  4. To get back read above how to reactivate instagram account.
Above covered all three topics with just simple steps and easily get covered with all the details subscribe our website to get new topics directly.
  • How to delete instagram account.
  • How to reactivate instagram account.
  • How to deactivate instagram account.

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