How to apply Aadhaar Card online download with mobile number and reprint

How to apply Aadhaar Card online with mobile number and reprint

Aadhaar Card
Aadhaar is 12 digit Unique identification number for the resident people or passport holder of the Indians. Aadhaar is only available and active in India. Every Indian citizen with Aadhaar Card is been represented as the Citizen of India.

Aadhaar Card keeps for details as the Bio-Metrics, Name, address and area pin-code with the specified person phone number. Aadhaar is used in the different sectors as to get new Sim-Cards, and avail insurance from government.

If you have your old Aadhaar with not printed with only year not with the whole DOB, and correct name and in non circumstances you lost your old Aadhaar card, you can re-apply easily through online.

Online Steps to apply for Aadhaar Card Reprint:

Step 1:  Go to Aadhaar Website or copy the link given below.

Step 2: Enter your Aadhaar Number or 16 Digit Virtual Id or EID Number with the security number                 given as per the system.
Aadhaar Card
Step 3: When you receive OTP on your registered phone number, enter the OTP and when the                         verification is done, apply for the Reprint.
Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar Card
Step 4: It Cost around Rs 50/- as the printing and post charge to your door bell.

Aadhaar Card
Step 5: After the successful payment you will get the acknowledgement  and in the 5-6 working days               you will receive the card to your home, with Notification from Indian Post.

All the things are done in safe and secure manner . All the things are been done by Government Website. As above we mentioned the aadhaar card reprint as if you need to apply for new applicant so you need to go for center as these process are not available for online process and to apply new applicant you need to go fro center and apply as documents are are need things ask to centre and next in fast your application will be available.

Also you can check how to link pan card with aadhaar card with online easy steps. If any suggestion you can use our contact us page where we will get back you soon as soon as possible and subscribe to our newsletter for latest articles.

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