Why Should Salman Khan Imprisoned in Jail


As the Salman Khan is known to be the Bollywood industries super hit actor and has been good fan following all over the world and the news can been seen in the confirmation in the social media networks today.

Salman Khan has been gone very harsh days due the case registered on him by the High Court of Maharashtra and High Court of the Jaipur. Salman Khan had been registered with the given below cases details,

  • Hit and Run Case. [Case is been closed].
  • Black-buck Poaching Case.[Case still going on].
  • Rape Case.
The above given are the following case which are done on the Salman Khan who is known to be the Bhaijaan for all the Indians Fans. Below given are the details of the case which are been cased against the Salman Khan after his acting career stared in the Bollywood Industries.

Hit and Run Case Details:

  • Mumbai Session court filed a case against the Salman Khan in 2002.
  • Salman Khan killed one man and injured three persons near the suburban Bakery on 28 September 2002.
  • Salman Khan blood test was proved he was alcohol with 62 mg was influenced in his blood.
  • In 2015 High Court made guilt Salman Khan under the section of the 304(I) and 304(II) .

How Salman Khan case been closed after he was made guilt?

As we known the famous Lawyer and the case of Salman Khan was handled by the Harish Salve.
Harish salve asked a question to case registered is been there any proof or eye fitness who is sure that the Salman Khan is been the main victim who had been seen him while riding the car on them four peoples at 2:45 am with the correct time mentioned. 

The question asked by the Harish Salve and the opposition who had filled the case against the Salman Khan have no proof. So the High Court gave the not guilt order against the Salman Khan and left him free. 

What happened if Salman Khan was found guilt in Hit and Run Case?

If Salman Khan was found guilt the below given section where applied on him:
  • Section 304(I): This Section defines the person who drives the vehicles in harsh and negligent wave will be imprisoned in Jail for 2 Years.
  • Section 304(II): The case becomes more stronger and attracted able the person will punished and gets imprisoned in Jail for 10 Years.
Case Details: 

The case was started in Mumbai Session court in 2002 and had been bailed out for free with no charges in High court till 2015.

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