21 May 2017

VTU 8th Sem Power Plant Engineering Question paper,Notes,5 Easy Units

Vtu 8th Sem Power plant Engineering Question Paper
VTU 8th Sem Power Plant Engineering Question paper
As this subject comes under the Elective part where actually this subject not provides the related textbook according to the vtu syllabus scheme 2010 and no question papers are available like the sunstars scanner so this subject is very easy to score up-to 80 marks,below I have mentioned the different previous year question paper with the VTU syllabus with the 8 units and Power plant Engineering Question Paper.

And to read this subject perfectly can follow up the Energy Engineering subject text books to get easily all solved questions with topic wise.

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                     VTU 8th Sem Power Plant Engineering:

Part A

Steam Power Plant
7 hours

Different types of fuels used for steam generation, Equipment for burning coal in lump form, strokers, different types, Oil burners, Advantages and Disadvantages of using pulverised fuel, Equipment for preparation and burning of pulverised coal, unit system and bin system. Pulverised fuel furnaces, cyclone furnace.

Coal, Ash Handling and Different Types of Boilers
6 hours

Coal and Ash handling, Generation of steam using forced circulation, high and supercritical pressures, A brief account of LaMount, Benson, Velox, Schmidt, Loeffer and Ramson steam generators.

Chimneys, Accessories for the Steam Generator Cooling Towers And Ponds
6 hours

Natural, forced, induced and balanced draft, Calculations involving height of chimney to produce a given draft. Accessories For The Steam Generator such as super-heaters, desuperheater, control of super heaters, Economisers, Air Pre-heaters Study of different types of cooling towers and ponds.

Diesel Engine and Gas Turbine Power Plant
7 hours

Method of starting diesel engines, Cooling and lubrication system for the diesel engine. Filters, centrifuges, Oil heaters, Intake and exhaust system, Layout of a diesel power plant.Advantages and disadvantages of the gas turbine plant, Open and closed cycle turbine plants with the accessories.

Part B

Hydro-Electric Plants
7 hours

Storage and pondage, flow duration and mass curves, hydrographs, Low, medium and high head plants, pumped storage plants, Penstock, water hammer, surge tanks, gates and valves, power house, general layout. A brief description of some of the important Hydel Installations in India.

Nuclear Power Plant
7 hours

Principles of release of nuclear energy Fusion and fission reactions. Nuclear fuels used in the reactors. Multiplication and thermal utilization factors. Elements of the Nuclear reactor, Moderator, control rod, fuel rods, coolants. Brief description of reactors of the following types - Pressurized water reactor, Boiling water reactor, Sodium graphite reactor, Homogeneous graphite reactor and gas cooled reactor, Radiation hazards, Radio active waste disposal.

Choice of site
6 hours

Choice of site for power station, load estimation, load duration curve, load factor, capacity factor, use factor, diversity factor, demand factor, Effect of variable load on power plant, selection of the number and size of units.

Economic Analysis of power plant
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           6 hours

Cost of energy production, selection of plant and generating equipment, performance and operating characteristics of power plants, tariffs for electrical energy.

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VTU 8th Sem Power Plant Engineering Question paper:

                                     1.Power Plant Engineering Question paper 2015
                                     2.Power Plant Engineering Question paper 2014
                                     3.Power Plant Engineering Question paper 2009
                                     4.Power Plant Engineering Question paper 2008

                                     5.Power Plant Engineering Question paper 2007

Soon,the remaining question papers are uploaded so keep,Eye to the website and get the question papers. And if any queries related to particular uploaded question you can comment it and also the contact form is provided we will get back soon with your related issues.

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