23 Dec 2016

Indian top black money holders, Swiss Account holder

                                   Indian top black money holders, Swiss Account holder

The investigation is going on the account search holders and the names are being not displayed but in the below table there is swiss holder party name
Congress Party159
BJP Party95
Normal people250

This not confirmed account but the account number may increases in party and can also be decreased in some cases. And the confirmed message is that the “Congress Party” Main share holder or the party running holder the “Rahul Gandhi and his family members” have more than 195 crore had been estimated to be get out as the Black Money.
It is honorable message to all the people who reading this blog don’t neglect this message it is 85% sure true and 15% is being investigated  that the swiss account share holder have invested billions of money in the Swiss account.
Let the Modi Sarkar hold the swiss account thief and get the Indian Money Back to the Country..

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